Christmas at the Mologne House


BG Robin "Baba" Rand, wounded warrior, his mother, Elvis, and FDNY Fireman

18 Dec 08, Mologne House, Walter Reed Army Hospital;

Sheila Mulhern, DC River Rat Pack

Our ladies group (most are spouses of Rats) hosts a craft day each month. This time we brought a pre-lit tree and the patients/family made their own ornaments and decorated the tree. It was crazy day with the folks from McGuire AFB showing up, the FDNY, and Elvis (the pudgy one) showing up to sing.

Kim Rand, wife of BG Robin "Baba" Rand, and Lisa Field, wife of MG Burt Field, are really great at coming up with wonderful projects for the patients and families to participate in. Kim really takes the lead and keeps us straight. Some patients tell us it is more therapeutic to sit there and do crafts then to go to their therapy. We've been holding craft days (one a month since Feb. 2008) and they've been very successful. Now that we've hooked up with Hank Cloutier (Eagle Cane Project) and his crew, he typically comes out with us. We all really enjoy these days and have our regular customers that are always there with us.

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