Since its formation the Air Warrior Courage Foundation has “flexed” its attention on those “in need.” Sometimes it involves providing financial support, sometimes, counseling/direction; sometimes developing a “concern” to identify the true “need”; sometimes, it involves a specific need of a military family or unit. Whatever. Our concern has always been to be flexible in considering the reality being faced by our Nation’s military, veterans and their families. We have concentrated on the aviation branches of our military because such service is in our own background. Nevertheless, our programs to support military-dependent children and hurricane evacuees have addressed “Needs” for non-aviators and their families because of our dedication to “Care for Our Own.”

We seek your assistance in learning of such “needs” (who/what/when/why - to the extent that you know) so we can flesh out what the problem really is, what can be done to address it and then, if possible, do it. You can contact us by email, phone, fax and/or letter to do so.

Thank you for your interest and cooperation.


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