Wirth Family

Subj: Thank you for everything 
Date: 3/10/2007 3:37:55 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (redacted)
To: (redacted) 
Dear Mr. Halley and AWCF Members,

We want to thank you for the support you have  given us to enable our son to continue his hippotherapy riding.

It has done wonders for him and for us as a  family.  Attached is a picture of Mack Wirth, our son and recipient of  one of your riding scholarships.  He now attends a special preschool and  this was his first official school picture.  What is so wonderful about  this picture is that it shows Mack looking more normal than he has ever looked  before.  He is alert, he is happy, he pays attention to others around him  and his drooling has lessened.  We are so thankful and overjoyed.
My husband returned from an 8 month deployment in  the Horn of Africa.  While he was away, we kept busy by doing many  therapies and (best of all) horse riding therapy, which motivates Mack  and gets him talking and using his muscles.   I want to share with  you that when my husband returned, he turned to me and said, "He's a totally  different boy!"  Mack has made so much progress.  We are so  thankful for what you have done for us and for other families.  We would  not have been able to afford the horse riding therapy and you have made it  possible for Mack--Thank You!!!

Mack just turned 4, so we still have the luxury  of working on early intervention and working toward the goal of mainstreaming  our son some day.  Until then, we are thankful that we have seen Mack  transform from a child who didn't care about those around him, wouldn't focus  on anyone or look at you when you spoke to him, he wouldn't follow directions  and would frequently frustrate his peers and brother due to his disabilities  and lack of social skills.  Now, we have a child who interacts with us,  who tells us about riding the horse (named Goldfish, of all things!), has  better motor control and body awareness, and can recount what he did in  therapy in sentence form.

Words don't express it enough, but thank you,  thank you, thank you!

The Wirth Family

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