Therapeutic Riding Program

Therapeutic Riding Program (TRP)

For several years the AWCF provided support for children, of military families, enabling them to participate in therapeutic riding programs in over fifteen states.  To one degree or another, these children and their parents have found this opportunity helpful in dealing with a variety of childhood disabilities.  In providing this support the AWCF continues the "we care for our own" tradition of the Red River Valley Association, the "River Rats," with whom the Foundation is affiliated.  Military rank or branch of service is not an issue nor does the AWCF discriminate on any other basis but than that of each child's situation, medical diagnosis, prognosis and "need."  All information is dealt with on a confidential basis unless, on a voluntary basis, written permission of all parties is obtained. AWCF support may be by cost per child/lesson or, in the case of those therapeutic riding centers (TRC) that do not charge participants, a blanket award; in either case, all payments/donations are made directly to the TRC.  The AWCF reserves the right to verify the military status of the sponsor(s) and dependent status of the child, the medical condition of the child and the "need."  

If you desire more information please read the FAQ and/or contact the AWCF's National Office by phone, fax, letter or email as indicated below. If you wish to participate in the AWCF's Therapeutic Riding Program, complete the application, give it to the TRC involved and ensure it is sent to the National Office as indicated.  By doing so you are also acknowledging the information above and certifying the information you provide on the application.

Thank you for your interest and cooperation in making this program a success.


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