2014-03-06 Kilimanjaro, Mission Complete


Kilimanjaro Warriors, Mission Complete - Thanks

The Kilimanjaro Warriors want to pass along our thanks to Dave Brog, Gary Baber and Tom Halley and the rest of the Air Warrior Courage Foundation for your outstanding help and support. Our expedition was a great success and we can't thank you enough for being a part of making it so. We overcame so many challenges while on the 8 day hike and encountered numerous obstacles and bad weather. We rose to the occasion each time and even though it was very hard, it was also equally rewarding. Having the ability to relax and enjoy a 3 day safari afterwards was essential to us realizing what an amazing adventure we had just accomplished. Again, we cannot thank you enough for your support. We would also like to coordinate a time to present to you our flags that we carried with us to the summit.

Please check out the blogs we wrote on our page: www.kilimanjarowarriors.net

Specifically the summit write up: http://kilimanjarowarriors.net/2014/02/18/the-story-of-the-summit-update-9/

And the Mission Complete write up: http://kilimanjarowarriors.net/2014/02/25/mission-complete-update-10/

We were fortunate enough to have ABC news do a write up on us and that can be found at: http://abcnews.go.com/m/story?id=22709870

We are also going to be featured on the FOX News Channel show, FOX and Friends, on Friday morning, March 7th. We will probably be on in the latter half of their show, around 7:30 or so central time.

Finally, we are working on our documentary and will post updates about it on our website at: www.kilimanjarowarriors.com where we also have links to some of our training videos.

We do have a 2 minute trailer for the documentary at the following link: http://vimeo.com/87954842

Thanks again,

The Kilimanjaro Warriors team:

Marine Sergeant Erich Ellis, below-knee amputee; Air Force Captain Sarah Evans, full-leg amputee; Army Staff Sergeant Orlando Gill, above-knee amputee; Oklahoma Army Guard Sergeant Kisha Makerney, below-knee amputee; Military contractor/policeman Steve Martin double below knee amputee; Marine Corporal Nick Perales, below-knee amputee and wingman climbers: Retired Air Force Lt. Col. Steve Connolly, Retired Navy LCDR Mark Heniser, Air Force Captain Joe Evans, Army Reservist Sergeant Maria Gill and our cameraman/director/producer/filmmaker Bevan Bell

Steve Connolly

LtCol. Ret., USAF Reserves

cell: 817-937-6100



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