Guiding Principles

The Air Warrior Courage Foundation pledges to use the following principles in the conduct of its activities:

  • We will exercise conscientious and diligent management of the Foundation's funds; will apply the Foundation's policies on a consistent and compassionate basis; and will respond to new challenges, needs and changes by providing programs consistent with our stated purposes.
  • We will support the concept of voluntary service to our country as a basic tenet of citizenship by recognizing outstanding personal and/or organizational performance to that end.
  • We will promote the traditional concept of "taking care of our own" by providing humanitarian support and tangible assistance to the members and families of both the Armed Forces and the Red River Valley Fighter Pilots Association.

While providing support, services and/or financial assistance, we will respect participant confidentiality within published guidelines of the Foundation and conduct our activities in a manner that encourages self-sufficiency while preserving their dignity and self-respect.

  • We believe in personal financial responsibility, recognize that the best solution may not be direct financial assistance and pledge to provide the best possible mix of assistance available from the Foundation’s resources, services and programs

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